Massage in an Office Setting

Office chair massage (or "corporate massage") brings a massage therapist into the office or workplace, where they will typically provide 10-15 minute massage sessions to staff or guests.  Therapists bring with them a massage chair, which allows a client to sit upright and can be utilized easily within office space allowances. Office chair massage is sometimes referred to as "corporate massage," or "on-site massage," both of which refer to chair massage as the primary modality.

Chair massage is excellent for office environments. Clients can wear their own business, casual, or even formal clothing. Massage chairs can even accommodate skirts. Unlike a table massage, in which clients typically remove most of their clothing, chair massage is provided with clothes-on, providing a complete comfort level in the workplace and allowing for faster turn around between sessions. That said, if a corporate client is interested in bringing table massage into the workplace, this can also be accommodated, and table massage can also be provided to clients with their clothes on.

Another modality that can be brought into an office environment is Thai massage. Thai massage provides a significantly different experience then what many people are accustomed to. Thai massage in the office is my personal favorite, because it provides the deepest body work and is another modality that is provided to clients with their clothes on.

When is corporate massage most appropriate? That's up to you, the client! We have supported accounting firms who provided massage to their accountants during a 6-week audit. We provide regular massages to the staff of Portland's WEO Media, and we massage the clients of Mercedes-Benz of Wilsonville.  In some settings, employees pay for their own massages, while in many others, massage is provided as a corporate perk. When providing massage to your client base, you're going above and beyond for your customers and building good buzz and reviews; people do talk!

For a more details, please review our Massage FAQs.


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