Oregon Auto Insurance Covers Massage Therapy.

If you where in an auto accident, read below, or call with questions. Massage therapy is covered under "PIP" and you may not have been told about it!

Insurances Accepted.

Note: If you do not follow the steps below, you may end up paying out of pocket! 

Blue Cross
United Health Care
Pacific Source

To find out if your health insurance covers massage:


Call your insurance provider with all the necessary information in hand (Name, DOB, Plan # etc..) and ask the fallowing questions:

"In my plan, is a MASSAGE THERAPIST an AUTHORIZED PROVIDER for Codes 97140 & 97124 and is any PRIOR AUTHORIZATION required ?
(If so, by who?)"
Is Peter Borden, & or, Portland Massage Arts in network? and do I have any out of network benefits?


Asking if Peter Borden or Portland Massage Arts (PMA) is in network just double checks coverage. You can apply this information with any preferred provider. For example just replace my name, and the name of the business with your preferred therapists name and business name to find out if they are in network and their therapy is covered. :)

Thats it. You should get co-pay and other tid-bits of information when you call.
Its important to know that many practices will hold you ultimately responsible for payment if your insurance does not pay. The script above should eliminate any confusion of whether or not they will cover, but still, people get stiffed. 

A brief explanation of the above mentioned codes.
97140 = Manual Therapy. This is the code that Physical therapists use, and indicates Deep tissue Massage, Trigger Point Massage, and a host of other Therapeutic massage techniques; Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial techniques, Active Release Therapy etc... Can indicate a higher level of care, usually involving medial charting. 
97124 = Massage Therapy. This is the code that a spa would use. It generally consists of Swedish Massage or Relaxation Massage. There are some overlaps.


What you need to know about Car Accidents and Massage


It doesn't matter if you where in the vehicle at fault or not. You could have been involved as a pedestrian, or a cyclist, or even as a single vehicle accident.  

This is what you need to know:
* Oregon drivers carry a minimum $15,000 Personal Injury Protection on their insurance plan.
* These funds apply to all types of medial treatments.
* There is no In-network, or out-of-network providers, you can go see who you want.
* For Massage you will need a prescription. Usually fulfilled by a Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Acupuncturist, or MD.  
* You will need a Claim Number.

Oregon law requires all Auto insurance policies to carry "Personal Injury Protection" often referred to as a "PIP" on their plans.  This PIP is a pool of money specifically dedicated to medial treatment of parties involved. The Oregon minimum PIP is $15,000 Per-Person. Meaning that if there where 4 people in the car when it was hit, then each person in that car would have a minimum $15,000 fund towards their medial treatments. ($15,000 is the Oregon minimum. There are many who carry more on their plan.)

This insurance is already paid for by Oregon drivers. There is no increase to premium, or fees associated with using this pool of $ if involved in an auto accident.  You could have been involved in any number of different ways: As a driver, as a passenger. It doesn't matter if you where in the vehicle at fault or not. You could have been involved as a pedestrian, or a cyclist, or even as a single vehicle accident.  

What type of treatment is covered by Auto Insurance? Basically All of it! you don't need to find therapist in network with your private insurance. You can go to your Primary care provider in a hospital or an acupuncturist that you've heard about in your neighborhood. The pip covers most medial treatment from Imaging, to Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Massage! 

For Massage you will first need to see a provider that is able to write prescriptions and to ask them for a prescription or referral for massage therapy. The medial providers able to diagnose and prescribe are commonly as fallows: Naturopaths, Medial Doctors, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and TCM Practitioners.
You may then take that prescription to your Massage Therapist to receive or Therapeutic Medial Massage.