Deposit and Reimbursement.

  • A deposit of $50 per hour of massage is required 2 weeks before service.
  • Full refund is available for cancellation 96hours before time of service.
  • Full payment is required at the end of the month for all services. 


Cancelation Policy.

  • Full refund available 96 Hours before scheduled Massages or Event. After the time Deposit is forefit. 


How to make payments. 

  • Bank transfer.
  • Paypal.
  • Square Payment of invoices.
  • Credit card or check card.
  • Checks. Made Payable to "Portland Massage Arts LLC"
    "1017 SW Morrison St, Portland OR 97205"


Payment Structure Internal to the Business Options.

  • Company provided service. This is where the business assumes the total cost of Massage. This is a fully tax deductible employee perk.
  • Employee  and employer share the cost of Massage. In this case the employee must make their contribution to the business, and the business will then make payments to PMA.
  • Employee/Employer/Private Insurance provider. This is less common because the rules and billing procedures involving private health insurance can be very complicated and change without warning, usually leaving an unhappy party with a bill. 

For more information or to have questions answered Please Contact Portland Massage Arts