What Makes a Good Chair Massage?

What makes a Good Chair Massage?


In corporate environments, chair massage can be employed to reduce stress, to provide protection from sick days and repetitive stress injuries, or to provider customer satisfaction.

What makes a good chair massage is a great massage therapist.

Portland Massage Arts makes sure that all of our therapists have that great touch!


What makes a Great Massage Therapist?

1. Does the therapist clean their hands and equipment thoroughly between each session? Most everybody cleans their massage chair between sessions, but sometimes you can't help but wonder...did they do a good job? A skilled massage therapist will ensure they are cleaning all the crevices and corners of the chair or table between clients.

2. The face cradle is the most important part of the massage chair, for both comfort and safety. It's important to use fitted cradle covers, rather than draping the cradle with paper towels. It is more expensive for a therapist to provide fitted covers, but it's important for safety & hygiene, and that safety provides the most top-notch client experience.

Drape covering, some times people literally use Paper towels.

Drape covering, some times people literally use Paper towels.

Fitter version

Fitter version


3. A good therapist, with a great personality, can make a bad situation a better one. Equipment breakdown? No problem, good therapists are there to protect their clients safety and health. Is the room too hot/too cold? Again, a good therapist is responsive to their client's needs and adjusts to make sure the experience is everything the client hopes for. Like doctors, cars, or houses, not all massage therapists are created equal. A good Massage therapist will be able to mesh with a wide variety of people and personalities and deliver an extraordinary massage to every client.

Portand Massage Arts goes to great lengths to identify the most talented therapists and assigns them to meet your needs. Whatever your criteria (dress code requirements, fragrance sensitivities, professional demeanor) Portland Massage Arts is proud to provide therapists who fit the assignment!