Chapter 3

Portland Massage Arts is currently focused on bringing Massage and Wellness to you. We are expanding our ability to reach and touch people by bringing Massage into the workplace. 

It was time for to grow, pushing the comfort zones and meeting new people has been refreshing! Creating connections with business owners and planning larger and larger events has been a MASSIVE step in personal growth. I've also taken on a role with the Oregon Chapter of the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) and have been evolving my self in understanding the laws and behind the scenes work that takes place to create and maintain massage therapy as a licensed profession. Its been a steep learning curve and I feel refreshed personally and professionally.

Chapter 2.

The Portland Massage Arts (PMA) Office is as much a nursery for a wide variety of old plants (Thank you, Gramma!) as it is a space for nursing people back to health.

In 2015, I had to change my approach to body work due to the repetitive stress of doing constant deep tissue body work, while biking like a fiend in my own life. These "problems" actually provided an amazing turn in the direction of my life and in my work. After receiving several mind-warping sessions as a client myself, I chose to DIVE into Thai massage!

Shifting to Thai massage has required re-tooling my physical skills and studio equipment. The traditional massage table now sits on the sidelines unless there is a request or a need for table work. Most Thai body work is done on a pad on the floor, providing more space, leverage, and dynamic massages.

PMA's Studio clinic, 4th floor of the  Fine Arts Building.

PMA's Studio clinic, 4th floor of the Fine Arts Building.

Chapter 1.
PMA's Downtown Studio

Day 1 in the new space! 2014.

Day 1 in the new space! 2014.

By the winter of 2014, I had been in business as a massage therapist for three years, providing massage in my home, or scheduling my services as outcalls. While working on and off as an electrician, I continued to build my practice. 

In my mind, a physical office demonstrates a level of commitment and professionalism. As my clientele expanded, I began renting shared space, moving several times in search of a better deal, and a more welcoming space.

Finally my vision of HUGE south facing windows and an abundance of sunlight was realized downtown, in the Fine Arts Building. At last, my own space! I could create my own healing atmosphere. Emphasizing a clean, bright, fresh vibe.